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Addressing Campus Mail

Campus Mail Addressing  

Mail to campus departments must bear the correct name, department, and building or street address on each piece. We use Cornell’s electronic directory to determine proper campus mailing addresses and to correct mailing lists. Quick and efficient delivery of campus mail can be made by following these address formats:

Campus Mail US Mail to Employee/Department
Jane Doe
English Department
250 Goldwin Smith Hall
Ima Worker
Cornell University
Room/Building Name


Insufficient Address

Incoming US and campus mail that has an insufficient address may be delayed. To avoid delays or returns, it is important to inform your correspondents of your correct and complete address using the proper format.

Please note that in most cases the Cornell emergency response physical street addresses for campus buildings are not recognized postal street addresses. If you are using a physical street address for online shipping make sure to include your Building Name on the second address line since the internal addresses are not always known to the local Post Office and Private Carrier drivers.

All misaddressed mail is treated in accordance with USPS policies:

  • Misaddressed first-class mail and periodicals are delivered to the addressee after we have looked up the correct mailing address.
  • Bulk mail (circulars, printed matter, newsletters, etc.) are discarded if incompletely addressed, unless the sender has requested an address correction service.  

Forwarding Mail

The USPS delivers all incoming mail addressed to individuals at Cornell University directly to the buildings. It is the responsibility of individual departments to forward all mail addressed to former staff and faculty members.  

Change of Campus Address

When an individual changes addresses, it is the department’s responsibility to forward all mail. The USPS does not accept change of address forms for individual mail bearing a Cornell address regardless of whether they are still or employed or no longer employed by the University.

To File a Cornell Change of Address Form: 

Staff relocating to another campus address or changing employment status:

  • Fill out a University Personnel Action Form (UPAF) with the employee’s new address information
  • Please be sure to notify the appropriate contact for all mailing lists, such as: Deans, Directors, Department Heads or the Faculty List.  Please notify the appropriate people of their address change.

Mis-delivered Mail 

If a bundle of campus mail is delivered to your department in error, please promptly report it to Cornell Mail Services at 254-8284 so we can make the correction.