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Address Formats & Mailing Lists

Address Formats

Mail to campus departments or individuals must bear the correct name, department, and building or street address.

Campus Mail US Mail to Student Resident US Mail to Employee/Department
Jane Doe
English Department
250 Goldwin Smith Hall
Ima Parent
Cornell University
Room/Apt/Suite# Building Name
Ima Worker
Cornell University
Room/Building Name


Follow link to see list of Cornell +4 zip codes for 14853 on campus and some 14850 off campus locations.

*Please note that in most cases the Cornell emergency response physical street addresses for campus buildings are not recognized postal addresses. If you are using a physical street address for online shipping make sure to include the Building Name on the second address line since the internal addresses are not always known to the local Post Office and Private Carrier drivers.

Cornell Mailing Lists

With prior approval, mass mailings can be made to Cornell faculty, or deans, directors, and department heads by using the Faculty or DDD Mailing Lists. Contact the University Faculty Office or University Relations for approval and mailing list. A sample of the mailing must be approved by the list’s administrators.

There are also mailing lists for students, staff, and alumni available for official use. You may need to provide a copy of your mailing, or a description of how the data will be used when making your data request.  When contacting appropriate list-holders such as HR or Alumni Affairs ask that they provide address data tailored specifically for your mailing (i.e. in zip-code order, full-time, retired, Class of 1967, etc.).

CASS Certification for Customer Mailing Lists

CASS certification may allow for a postage discount. This process verifies that an address is accurate (not that a specific person actually lives at the address, but that the address actually exists), and adds the “plus-4” to the ZIP code. Contact  Cornell's preferred vendor for more information