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About C&PS

About Commuter and Parking Services (C&PS)

Commuter and Parking Services (C&PS) provides sustainable transportation services to faculty, staff, students, and visitors; oversees enforcement of parking regulations and traffic control; and manages visitor information and parking booths.  

C&PS is committed to providing commuting alternatives to reduce the percentage of single-occupant vehicle (SOV) commuters to Cornell University. To achieve success, it is not so important which alternative mode of transportation is chosen, but that there is an alternative to a SOV.  

Parking enforcement is provided as a customer service for those people who purchase parking and expect it to be available when they need it. The parking enforcement program is not a revenue generating operation for the university. The fines collected cover the expense of providing this service.  

In addition to parking, C&PS personnel provide a variety of services, including: manning the information booths, providing emergency rides, operating the Motorist Assist Program, and do emergency or special event traffic control.