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Retiree Privileges

Retiree Parking and Transit Options Updated 5/4/12

Please contact Transportation Services, 116 Maple Avenue, 607-255-PARK  for more information.

Transit Privileges

Cornell University retirees are eligible to use their Cornell University ID cards to ride TCAT buses; Cornell will pay their fare. This privilege is in effect Monday - Friday in TCAT's zone one. Zone one includes the City of Ithaca,  Cornell University, Ithaca College, Kendal, the hospital, the airport, and the mall.

In lieu of an annual parking permit, retirees may choose a no-fee OmniRide Transit pass, which provides full TCAT transit privileges, seven days a week. Retirees are not eligible for books of one-day permits intended for daily commuters.

Retiree Parking Privileges

Parking on campus is generally open to the public all day on Saturday and Sunday, and after 5 PM, Monday – Friday except in areas and spaces that are posted and signed as reserved or restricted. Some parking restrictions are enforced seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day, so it is important to carefully read signs before entering a parking lot and/or parking space.

Retirees who have a need to come to campus during the business day, may choose between an annual parking permit (fee or no-fee) or a no-fee OmniRide transit pass.

All retirees are eligible for a no-fee :

  • O parking permit, which allows parking in all O, E, and A areas.
  • R parking permit, which allows parking in all R, E, and A areas.

Retirees also may opt to purchase a parking permit for other areas, based on eligibility and availability.

Short-term Parking Options

Retirees may also stop at a Parking and Information Booth, and upon presentation of a retiree ID card, may request a no-fee one-day O or R permit. Retirees may also purchase daily visitor permits or use metered parking.

Retirees who have 25 or more years of service, have a need to come to campus, and have been issued a Cornell ID card that reflects 25-year status, may request one book of ten one-day Z permits/year at no fee (value $110).

Retirees who return to work at the University may choose among the same transportation options that are available to all employees. Exception: retirees may retain or obtain a no-fee O or R permit. Any other permit would be purchased at the current employee rate.

Retiree Accessible Parking Privileges

Retirees needing accessible parking will need to obtain municipal accessible placard from the town/municipal clerk of their place of residence or accessibility license plates from the Department of Motor Vehicles. With such identification, drivers can opt for either:       

  • a PO Cornell hangtag, available at no charge, which will allow parking in accessible as well as  permit-restricted spaces in perimeter and outer areas only (A, E, ME, R, O, and WE); or
  • an AP Cornell hangtag, which currently costs $347 a year (equivalent to the perimeter parking rate), and will allow parking in any accessible parking space as well as permit-restricted parking spaces anywhere on campus.
  • For daily parking needs, retirees may stop at a Parking and Information Booth, and upon presentation of a retiree ID card  and a municipal accessible placard or an accessible license plate, may request a no-fee one-day PO permit or may purchase an one-day AP permit for $5.
  • Retirees may combine their no-fee daily or annual PO permit with their zone-one TCAT privileges to get close to most campus facilities. All TCAT buses are ADA accessible.

An Accessible Permit Review Committee is in place to review hardship requests related to the financial impact of the cost of an annual AP permit. Contact transportation@cornell.eduor call 607-255-4600 for more information.

The PO and AP permits do not allow parking in reserved spaces nor in metered spaces without paying the meters. Both the accessible municipal placard or license plate and the Cornell hang tag must be displayed together at all times, even when the vehicle is not parked in a marked accessibility spot.

Emeritus Privileges

Please consult the Emeritus Faculty Handbook or contact Commuter and Parking Services for information.